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Wayne Castleman Plumbing provide a wide range
of plumbing and gas fitting services
to Ballarat
and the surrounding areas.


Residential, Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

With over 40 years experience in commercial, domestic and industrial plumbing and gas fitting Wayne Castleman Plumbing are team players in the building industry.

We work closely with architects, builders and developers but can also fix your hot water issues and install solar in your home.

From initial planning right through to compliance we support and provide a complete plumbing service for new homes, commercial and industrial properties and special builds such as hospitals, multi-residential properties and aged care facilities.

This also includes excavation services for sewage installation, storm water drainage and pipe laying with our 1.5 tonne excavator also available for hire.

Other specialised services include fire protection installations and repairs, heritage roofing and solar hot water services for commercial and residential.

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A complete plumbing service for renovators, architects, builders & developers.

Our Services

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    Storm Water Drains

  • plumbing-ballarat-icon-40px

    Sewer Reticulation

  • plumbing-ballarat-icon-40px

    Drainage Infrastructure

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    New Gas Lines Installation

  • plumbing-ballarat-icon-40px

    Hot Water Service Maintenance and Installation

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    Gas Heater Service, Repair & Installation

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    Rain Water Tanks & Pumps

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    Roofing, Gutters, Fascia, Eaves, and Down Pipes

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    Solar Hot Water Installations

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    Fire Services and Hose Reels

  • plumbing-ballarat-icon-40px

    Water Meter Replacement

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    Back Flow Prevention

Excavation Service & Hire

We have a mini excavator for service and hire that is great in small spaces for trench digging and post holes. We can supply a qualified operator.

  • Kubota U17-3
  • 1.7 tonne
  • Track expansion from 900mm to 1200mm
  • 2 x digging buckets: 300mm & 450mm
  • Mud bucket: 900mm - for cleanup
  • Auger drive for post holes/footings : 300mm tp 450mm
  • Minimum hire: 2 hrs
  • Delivery available
kubota exacator for hire

Ballarat Solar Hot Water Installation Specialists

We supply and install complete solar hot water systems for  residential, commercial and industrial applications.