Excavation Service & Hire

Kubota U17-3

We have a mini excavator for service and hire that manoeuvres well in small spaces for trench digging and post holes. We can supply a licensed operator if it's required.

The excavator is perfect for plumbing applications with the ability to dig up to 2.2 metre in depth. Ideally digging trenches at one metre in depth.

We also book the excavator out to builders , landscapers, electricians and other plumbers who may need post holes or footings dug or trenches dug similar to the projects we are involved with.

It's perfect for owner builders doing renovation work.

Kubota Excavator Specifications

  • Kubota U17-3
  • 1.7 tonne
  • Track expansion from 990mm to 1240mm
  • 2 x digging buckets: 300mm & 450mm
  • Mud bucket: 900mm - for cleanup
  • Auger drive for post holes/footings : 300mm tp 450mm
  • Breakout force of 1550 kg
  • Overall height: 2340mm
  • Overall width: 990 / 1240mm
  • Min. ground clearance: 150mm
  • Travel speed: 2.1/4.1 km/h

Hiring Information

  • Minimum hire: 2 hrs/up to a week
  • Licensed operator available with 48 hrs notice
  • Delivery available
  • Quoting done per project

Call Wayne Castleman for more information or book online today. PH: 0417 531 592

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