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7 Tips For Owner Builders

December 15, 2020

Much of our work in Ballarat lately has been with owner builders who are either building from scratch or doing major renovations. Here is our quick guide for owner builders with regards to organising the plumbing. 1. Your Availability The first step is being extremely organised and available. If you’re owner builder then regular meetings … Read more

colorbond roof gutters

Roof Plumbing & Guttering

November 22, 2020

I often get asked why you need a licensed plumber to work on roofing and guttering so Ill expand on this and explain why its necessary to get the experts in if your looking to get any work done on your home. As plumbers we need to understand how water behaves under different conditions such … Read more

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Reclaim Co2 Heat Pumps

November 4, 2020

Heat Pumps Save Energy – Saving You Money! A heat pump with a hot water system? Normally heat pumps are associated with heating or cooling your home so how does it work with a hot water system. Let’s find out. Hot Water Heat Pump. How It Works. A Reclaim Energy heat pump system works by … Read more