Roof Plumbing & Guttering

I often get asked why you need a licensed plumber to work on roofing and guttering so Ill expand on this and explain why its necessary to get the experts in if your looking to get any work done on your home.

As plumbers we need to understand how water behaves under different conditions such as wind, heat and cold. We also need to know roofing principals and to know how to work safely at heights.

A licensed plumber must understand stormwater disposal and the construction, installation, repair and maintenance of roofing, flashing and drainage systems. This includes installing:

    • eaves gutters
    • downpipes
    • box gutters, outlets, overflows, rain heads and sumps
    • drains above ground and downpipes for the roof drainage system
    • flashings such as soaker, step, apron, valley, ridge, pressure and side flashings
    • flash penetrations to fixtures such as vent pipes, skylights, air conditioning units, flues and exhaust fans
    • rainwater tanks to collect drinking water
    • laying and securing metal roof sheeting safely
    • leaf gutter guard installation and advice
    • low maintenance metal fascia covering

As you can see a roofing plumber has got to know their stuff!

Checking your roof and guttering regularly is a good idea. Catching small issues can prevent future expensive repairs.

Be on the lookout for the following:

  • rotten timber fascia
  • blocked gutters and downpipes
  • eave damage
  • termite infestation
  • rusty box guttering
  • roof leaks
  • water damage to your garden

If you are looking to completely replace your roof and guttering the most popular roofing products today are from colorbond. They have over 20 colours to choose from as well as matching fascia, downpipes, flashing, spouting and guttering.

Whether its your business premises or your home we can provide you with a comprehensive quote on your roofing and guttering especially if you’re renovating or looking to replace your roof. Remember your roofing and guttering are there to protect your biggest asset so make sure you get a licensed plumber to help you (like us!).

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