Reclaim Co2 Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps Save Energy – Saving You Money!

A heat pump with a hot water system? Normally heat pumps are associated with heating or cooling your home so how does it work with a hot water system. Let’s find out.

Hot Water Heat Pump. How It Works.

A Reclaim Energy heat pump system works by absorbing ambient heat from the surrounding air and transfer this heat to your hot water system. This is quite high end technology and here’s how it works:

  • heat is transferred from the surrounding air using a heat absorbing, ozone friendly refrigerant.
  • the heat  flows to a compressor which converts the heat to a high temperature gas
  • from here its sent to a condenser and water heat exchanger and bingo you have hot water in your tank.

Because ambient heat from the surrounding air is used which of course is free you can save up to 80% of your hot water energy costs every year. This is because 1kW of electrical input generates about 5kW of thermal output which is extremely efficient compared to your standard hot water system

Heat Pump Features &  Benefits

Here’s a list of features and benefits that you can take advantage of this technology:

  • As the systems are environmentally friendly and comparable to solar , government rebates and incentives are available.
  • Its whisper quiet so no clanging or banging to annoy the household
  • Various hot water tank options are available to suit your needs
  • If space is an issue the heat pump can be located up to 10 metres horizontally (5metres vertically) apart from the hot water tank making it a flexible installation.
  • The Reclaim Energy heat pump has a smart controller giving you these options (quoted from the Reclaim Energy website:Option 1 – a default mode that runs the system 24/7, turning on and off through the thermostat.Option 2 – Off Peak 1 Mode commences at 2200 hours (10pm) and remains active for 9 hours.

    Option 3 – Off Peak 2 Mode commences at 2400 hours (12 am) and remains active for 6 hours.

    Option 4 – a preset mode for customers with PV systems. The system will receive power from the time of day that the PV system is producing power. 10am for a period of 5 hours, or until System has reached 60°C. The PV system creates power and feeds the CO2 Heat Pump to heat the water for free, instead of going back into the grid.

    Option 5 – allows the setting of boosting times based on custom requirements.

As you can see with a residential or commercial heat pump system you can save on your energy bills, installation is easy and you have plenty of options when it comes to controlling how much your system is used and when.

The best thing you can do now is call Wayne Castleman Ph: 0417 531 592 to quote on installing one of these energy efficient hot water systems.